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2. Once paid, the $CNFT tokens will be sent to the same address from which the payment was made.

DO NOT SEND FROM AN EXCHANGE. Only send ADA from a supported wallet i.e. Daedalus, Yoroi, or Adalite.

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Note: Residents of the United States of America are not permitted to purchase these tokens. All other buyers are advised to check the laws of their country before buying these utility tokens. Please stay compliant.

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Our international team launched CNFT.IO without any Catalyst funding or VC investment. We have been working hard to upgrade as required and implement improvements as well as prepare for Cardano Smart Contracts. We have seen huge support already with over 50,000 native assets listed and millions of ADA worth of sales. To continue our rapid growth we are opening up limited pre-sales for our $CNFT Utility Tokens. The ‘Betadex’ above is currently a one way swap to secure some of the first $CNFT tokens. You can use them to access projects on our upcoming launchpad, special giveaways , promotions and much more! Liquidity will be added on Cardano DEXs as required. We are just getting started, we are more than just an NFT Platform, we are CNFT.IO and we welcome you to join our journey!